I haven’t posted any product shots for quite a while so I thought it was about time I did! The majority of my clients now order frames or albums in addition to loose prints to display around their homes and give to the rest of the family.

I often don’t get time to photograph the products before giving them to my clients but below are a few shots that have have managed to get. I work with one of the top framing companies in the company and the frames I provide are of exceptional quality. They come with a choice of black, white or dark brown frame and white or off-white mount. I order them with a special non-reflective glass which gives a gorgeous matt finish and means you don’t get those annoying reflections from the sunlight! It really does make a huge difference to have your prints framed professionally instead of just buying a frame from the high street. I always think it’s such a shame to spend hundreds of pounds getting photos done by a professional photographer, to then stick the prints in a £5 frame from Ikea!

Here are just some of the beautiful frames my clients have ordered recently. 

The last two images are of what I call ‘The Storyboard Frame’ which is the most popular product that I offer. It’s a fantastic way to display a number of images  and really tell a story of the shoot. All of my clients who have ordered this frame have said they are amazed by the amount of comments they get about it! 

I only have 10 weeks left before I give birth now and all of my sessions are now booked before I take maternity leave. I absolutely hate having to turn away business but I really can’t take on any more work without losing my sanity! If you wish to go on my waiting list in case I get any cancellations then please do get in contact. And remember I’ll be back shooting again next March so let me know if you want me to send you a reminder email a few months before then. Thank you! 

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