Hectic and sleep deprived!

Ok, ok, I admit defeat! 

I finally got to bed at about 3.30am last night after battling with H over why it really isn’t the best idea ever for Mummy to sleep next to him in his new big boy’s bed. Then I was woken up twice more by our newborn who wanted feeding…..because he’s a newborn. Then I got up at 7.30am with the realisation that I’m meant to be posting another tip today on ‘how to take better photos of your kids’. Aarrrgghh! 

On top of looking after a toddler and newborn I am also spending any spare minute (which are very few!) writing my new website which has to be ready in August and also organising a business mums meeting in Surbiton next week. This is obviously all on top of trying to recover from a C-section. Someone please tell me why I always try and cram way too much into my life?! Hopefully you now understand the title of this post!

So I hope you will all understand if I don’t post a photo tip every week this month, and instead the tips will be peppered throughout the summer. Just so I can try and keep my sanity! 

Instead here are a few pics of my boys from the weekend. 

H looks almost angelic in this one below….I certainly didn’t think that at 3am this morning!

Don’t ask me why H is shining a torch on his little brother’s head in this one on the left!

Have a lovely weekend in the heat and hopefully I’ll be back next week with a tip for you all! 

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  • Alison Rawsthorne

    Hi Vicki

    Congratulations! A bit late I know but I've only just seen your blog & the gorgeous pictures of your boys. Hope all is going well & you are getting some sleep. Thanks also for the tips, it would be nice to develop a bit more skill!

    Best wishes

    Alison Rawsthorne

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