Gorgeous Girl {toddler photography in Surbiton, Surrey}

Let me introduce you to Daisy. She is nearly two and is the daughter of one of my close friends, Lucy. 

We have been planning this shoot for a while and I wanted her to model this gorgeous new skirt that I had made in the US. I have lots of newborn props to use for shoots and wanted to add a beautiful skirt for toddlers to my collection. For little girls who love to be girly! Daisy and the pettiskirt are the perfect fit as you can see! 

We planned to use Bushy Park as the backdrop for the photos but the skies were looking ominous (where has our lovely summer gone by the way?!) so we did the shoot in my back garden to avoid the kids getting soaked. 

Isn’t she just gorgeous? Thanks little lady for being a beautiful model for me.

On a personal note, we’ve just got back from a lovely week away in Kent with my parents. Here are my two favourite shots from the week; one of each of my boys. 

And just a reminder to any new readers….I am currently on maternity leave and am now taking bookings from March 2011 onwards. I have some shoots coming up in September which were rescheduled due to my bad back when I was pregnant. I can’t wait to post some of their sneak peaks on here. 

And lastly, what do you think of my new blog design? I LOVE IT! A had it designed by a lovely lady in the US (are you noticing a trend here…..most of my suppliers seem to be in the States….I just love their customer service!)

I can now upload much bigger images so I’m very much looking forward to experimenting with it more.

And you can now leave comments about each post….so please give me that lovely warm feeling inside and write me a message below!

Have a lovely week,

Vicki x

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  • LucyD

    These photos are fantastic Vicks – especially as you had a very fidgety daisy to deal with and pretty dire weather. Don't know how you do it but these are so cute. quite fancy an excuse to get a skirt like that myself!
    ps.the only way i could get daisy away from Peppa Pig tonight was to show her these pictures!
    Thanks again and see you soon

  • LucyD

    love that hipstomatic App you've recommended too


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