The best age to photograph babies

I get a lot of enquiries from families with babies that are a couple of months old. It makes sense; you’re over the newborn stage (and hopefully the sleepless nights!) and you decide that you want to get some beautiful photos of your bundle of joy.

The problem is that the period between 1-6 months is that most challenging time to photograph babies. I always suggest to clients that they wait until their baby is sitting up independently or at least pulling up well on their front which is normally around the 5 month mark. If you want a shoot outdoors then I suggest waiting until your baby is around 7 months old and sitting up confidently.

I love photographing newborns in their own homes to capture those first special weeks together. Then for babies between 2 weeks and 5 months, it can be a real challenge for photographers. It’s not very easy to get photos of babies on their own at this age as they can’t sit or pull themselves up, and they can be quite fretful, especially with lots of fuss and attention.

Don’t get me wrong; it is possible to get some beautiful images of babies of this age, but if you are investing in just one custom portrait session of your baby, I would highly recommend you wait until they are around 7-8 months. This is the ideal age as they are normally smiley and sitting up and but not yet crawling. Ideal!


The reason for me writing all of this is because my baby boy is now 3 months old so is slap-bang in the middle of this funny age! He is gorgeous and cuddly but just not brilliant for taking photos of yet! When we went to Swanage last week I did a few sessions with him in an attempt to get an amazing picture; but he seemed to always have his tongue out or was dribbling! So what I have done above is created a storyboard of my favourites which I think shows exactly what he is like right now.


It was very thoughtful of the owners of the cottage we stayed in to leave a blanket that perfectly matched the colour of Sam’s eyes!


So you can see, it is possible to get nice photos at this age, but believe me, the shoot will be much more of a success if you wait a few months!


This was a rather long and wordy post for me (I’m better with pictures than words!) but I at least now I can refer future clients to it who want their 3 month old photographed!

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