A Spoonful of Honey {Toddler Photography in Surrey}

I’ve never met a child who has suited their name quite so much. This gorgeous little girl with her angelic golden curls is called Honey – how very apt!  I had a session with this family on Saturday morning and I was so pleased the sun was shining as it emphasised Honey’s beautiful curls even more! 

Honey’s Mummy bought the session as a present for her own Mum nearly a year ago, so we were pleased that the day had finally arrived! This was the first shot I took when I’d just had my camera out of the bag for a few seconds.

I love soulful expressions like this and I normally get them from children when I first point my camera at them. Like they’re thinking “who is this strange person taking my photo?!”

Then as soon as we got out into the garden, the smiles started and didn’t stop. 

She is such a sweet girl;  by the end of the session she was holding my hand and giving me kisses. I would have liked to take her home for the day; I’m sure Harrison would have been delighted with his new pretty playmate!

To all of Honey’s family; it was great to meet you all and I hope you love this sneak peek of your images. 

And on the subject of sneak peeks; I have just realised that since I started doing them about 18 months ago I have been spelling them wrong! It’s not sneak peak as I have been writing, it’s sneak peek. My old English teacher would be most disappointed with me. Anyway, I’m not going to go back over 18 months worth of posts correcting it, so please forgive me for my poor spelling! 

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