The end of sneak peeks

Yes, that’s right. I have only just learnt to spell ‘sneak peek’ correctly and now, after 18 months, I’m going to stop doing them! I wanted to write a post to explain why, as I know they are popular with my clients and readers. 

There has been a lot of talk about sneak peek’s recently on photographer’s forums and blogs and it really made me think about whether I should continue to do them.

The most important consideration for me is the experience my clients receive. And a US photographer wrote on her blog recently that sneak peek’s are similar to going to see a movie and realising that you saw all of the best bits in the trailer! With sneak preview’s I pick out my immediate favourite 5-8 images and post these, then the full gallery includes around 35-45 images. This means that once clients have had the buzz of seeing the photos on my blog and sharing it with all of their friends and family, the anticipation of seeing their full gallery isn’t quite so high, and the excitement has potentially worn off a little. 

I want my email saying that your online gallery is ready to be the most exciting email you’ve had in ages! 

The other danger with photographers posting sneak peeks on their blog is people stealing their images. Now I don’t think any of my clients would do this as they are all very lovely, but I don’t think everyone realises that if they copy the images from my blog to their Facebook page or save them as a screensaver, they are actually doing something illegal (and therefore stealing from me…and I need to justify to my hubby why I seem to spend more time in front of my mac than with him!) 

This doesn’t mean that you won’t get to see any new images from my shoots. I think it’s very important for potential customer’s to be able to see a photographer’s recent work, rather than just their website galleries which may have not been updated for months (or even years!) So I will still be posting images from some of my recent shoots, but it will be after the client has ordered from their gallery. 

This means that I will often be able to add more content to my posts such as what the client ordered or a testimonial. I feel really excited about this new way of working and it should make for a better experience for my clients, my readers and for me!

Please let me know what you think about me stopping the sneak peek’s and my reasons why. I would love to hear your views!

And as posts are pretty boring without photos, here are a couple that I took of Harrison in the summer. I thought as it’s so cold this week I would dig some lovely summery ones out to cheer us up! I love the light in these. 

Is it wrong that I am jealous of my 2 year old son’s eyelashes?!

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  • Alex

    I totally understand where you're coming from about the sneak peeks and actually, after everything you've said here, it seems like a good idea. And you're right, your son has gorgeous eyelashes!!! 🙂

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