Portrait session in Kingston Upon Thames

Through Twitter I found out about fellow photographers doing ‘Shoot swaps’ for one another. Meaning they meet up and literally ‘swap a shoot’ by photographing each other! It’s a great way to learn from each other and also experience what it’s like on the other side of the lens. 

When fellow photographer Antonina Mamzenko asked me if I would like to do a shootswap I jumped at the chance! We met in Kingston for a coffee then spent a fun and relaxing hour wandering around Kingston looking for good places to shoot. 

I know exactly how my clients feel now as I’m very nervous/excited to see what the photos of me are like!

Antonina – I hope you like these images from our morning. It was very lovely to meet you. 












If you like what you see and would love a set of images of yourself like the ones above, then please do get in contact. Whether it’s for your website, for your other half or just because, I’d love to hear from you. 

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  • Dominique

    These are beautiful. I love how thoughtful Antonina looks in these shots. The camera loves her!

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