Leaves, light & laughter

I just loved this session! I have have been so excited about showing you these images but have had to sit on my hands as they were a surprise birthday present for one lucky husband/daddy!

Colourful leaves, scrummy light and lots of laughter all made for a fabulous session (and allowed for some nice alliteration in the title of this post!)

We actually rescheduled the session the day before as the weather had been so shocking, but I quickly called Emmie in the morning to book it back in for that afternoon when I saw the sun was shining. And thank goodness we did; the light and colours in Richmond Park that afternoon were just gorgeous!

The two boys were such good fun and were a real joy to photograph. 

You can see the delight in big brother’s face after I told him he could actually throw the leaves directly towards me and my camera. Check out him looking at Mummy first to check it really was allowed! 

And what a smiley yummy mummy they have.

Now I am posting images from sessions after the order has been delivered, I am able to sometimes show you a glimpse of the gorgeous products they ordered. I adore the Storyboard Frame Emmie ordered along with a session album, mini brag book and many gift prints. Not only did she have amazing gifts for her hubby on his birthday, she sorted out a number of xmas presents at the same time!

Thank you Emmie for a wonderful session with you and your boys. You’ve been a real pleasure to work with.

If you would love to give a special surprise gift like this to the man (or lady) in your life, then please do get in contact. I’d love to hear from you. 

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