My favourite part of the job

Someone asked me recently what I liked best about being a photographer….is it the shooting itself, or the editing, or just running my own business? It really made me think. I love everything about running my own photography business so it’s difficult to narrow it down to just one thing. 

As much as I love shooting I don’t think I can hand on heart say that’s my favourite part. Don’t get me wrong; I really love my shoots. But I always get a little anxious beforehand, especially for my family sessions. There are 101 different things going round in my mind on my way there….. I must get little Molly to like me as apparently she’s scared of strangers. Must make sure Jack doesn’t do that cheesy grin his Mum warned me about. And must make sure Mum feels comfortable in front of the camera as she said she still needs to lose the baby weight. Must get Dad on side as he hates having his photo taken. Oh, I hope they’re clothes all co-ordinate. Must make sure I get that amazing shot of the whole family for the canvas wrap they want above the fireplace. Oh and a smiley shot of them all looking at the camera for Grandma of course. I hope the rain holds off. And I must make sure that my exposure is spot on in every shot and that I’m being creative with my lighting and composition. 

Phew! You can see why it’s normal for us photographers to feel a little bit nervous before a session! I never really relax until I get the images in front of me on the computer. Then I breathe a huge sigh of relief each time when I realise that I managed to do all of the above and hopefully more! 

I then enjoy selecting my favourite images from the session and then digitally perfecting each individual one. Once I’ve sent the email to the family saying their online gallery is live, I LOVE the email or phone call I then receive saying that they adore the photos, how will they ever choose and that the gallery has had both grandma’s in tears! 

But although I love all of this, the icing on the cake for me is when I get to hand-deliver the products to my clients. The look on their faces when they see those heartfelt images of their children on a stunning gallery canvas wrap or in a beautiful frame is just priceless. I always get in the car with a huge smile on my face knowing that this family will get so much enjoyment out of these products for years to come, and that the images that I helped to create will be passed down from generation to generation. 

I realised that this was my favourite part of the job when I delivered these gorgeous products to a very happy customer a couple of weeks ago. You can remind yourself of their family session here

I then woke up the next morning to this email from Daniela: 

“The kids are in bed so can finally say thank you properly for the gorgeous products you delivered today! We are so pleased with the whole process/service you have provided from start to finish and the quality of the products is outstanding. I have been recommending you to all of our friends and hope to use you again when Luca and Leila are older.
Everyone that has seen the photos had been totally wowed by them (and tears induced with at least 3 people!) Mark and I normally hate having our photo taken and, as you witnessed, Luca is difficult to “tame”. But despite all this, we totally enjoyed the session and you somehow managed to capture absolutely everything about us in such a short time. Thanks again and well done!”

Hopefully this demonstrates why this is my favourite part of the job. A completely unprompted testimonial like the one above is why I just love doing what I do. Being a photographer isn’t about making a fast buck for me (and if it was I’ve chosen the wrong career!), it’s about capturing memories and making people feel fantastic about themselves. So emails like the above just make it all worthwhile! 

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