Teenage Photography at the SWPP convention in London

I spent last weekend at the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) convention in Hammersmith. I had a great time; I drooled over lots of gorgeous products at the trade show, chatted to some of my suppliers, and met with lots of fellow photographers.

I’m always looking to improve my photography and learn new things. Although I specialise in child photography, one age I haven’t photographed much is teenagers. I’m more used to chasing toddlers around parks and perfecting my quacking noises for babies! So when I saw that there was a morning class with Michael Turner taking urban portraits of teenagers I booked immediately.

Here are a few of the images I captured during the morning…







Thank you so much to Michael for all of the useful tips and of course to these gorgeous teenagers for modelling for us! 

I think the reason a lot of families don’t book family shoots when they have older children is because most teenagers cringe at the mere mention of ‘family portraits’! But perhaps if they realised they would get photos of themselves like the ones above, (which would get them a bit of kudos on Facebook!) they might suddenly be a bit keener!

If you have teenagers and would love to get some photos of them like the ones above, as well as some gorgeous family images, please do get in contact.

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