Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs

A very happy birthday to my big boy who is 3 today! 

He is mad about dinosaurs, so I took Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs (I’m aware this theme will be lost on anyone without kids!) down to Bushy Park. I wanted to do a shoot with him so I can remember forever what he was like when he turned 3.

Happy 3rd birthday to our dinosaur-loving, jelly-eating, robot-watching, lolly-licking, digger-playing, mummy-cuddling, daddy-wrestling, keyboard-dancing, tent-making, gorgeous little man. We love you more than you could ever know. 

It was only a matter of time before little bro wanted to get a piece of the (dinosaur) action. 

I love this series of photos below. You can see from the first one on the left, H was not overly happy about little S playing with his precious dinosaurs. Then you can see their reactions when I shout out that he needs to share with his little brother. Then H gives S a lovely cuddle which just melts my heart. Oh I love my boys so much. 

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