40 years in the making {family photography in Surrey}

This was such a special shoot. Firstly it was with Mandy who is one of my bestest friends. And the photos were to be a surprise for her parents who are celebrating their Ruby wedding anniversary today. I’ve done a number of special shoots like this for Ruby wedding anniversaries or 60th birthday presents (see another one from last year here). But this was the first time I did it with just the siblings and their families as a surprise present for their parents. What a wonderful gift! 

So let me firstly introduce you to my wonderful friend Mandy (on the left) with her lovely brothers and sister. 


And here they all are with their families.

This is the print that they presented their parents with today for the wedding anniversary with a note on it saying ’40 years in the making’. They then went home to watch the slideshow of 50 images from our session….so they could see the result of their 40 years of marriage! 

And here are some more photos from our morning together. 








Love the boys attempts to make their new little baby sister/cousin laugh….

And here’s Mandy…she’s as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside!




Thank you so much to all of you for a wonderful morning; I feel very honoured to have captured these photos for your parents. 

And of course, a very happy anniversary to Mr & Mrs F too! Congratulations to you both. 


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