What shall we wear for our shoot?

When I chat to my clients before our session, this is definitely the question I get asked the most! I hate to put the pressure on, but what your family wears for the shoot can make a big difference to the look of your images.

I have lots of lovely Spring family shoots coming up, so I thought it would be worthwhile writing a post all about clothing. There are tips in the ‘what to expect’ guide that my clients are sent prior to their session, but I wanted to show some more examples here. 

The most important thing is that you all wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and things that you would wear normally. We’re not going to capture lovely natural images if you’re all dressed up in your Sunday best! I’m a big fan of jeans and they suit my natural style of photography. An important tip is that you should be in complimenting colours in the same colour tones (ie. darks, pastels, earthy). This is the most challenging part as you’re not used to all being in complimenting colours when you walk out of the door (unless you’re the Beckham’s that is!)

It’s tricky to explain to clients what to wear, so I have put together these guides to help show you what I mean! Hopefully these demonstrate what I mean by complimenting colours.

I hope these help you plan your wardrobe for the shoot. Now I’m not suggesting you go out and spent hundreds of £££’s buying your whole family brand new outfits (although it’s a great excuse to buy a few new bits for yourself!), you just need to spend a bit of time looking through your existing clothes. If you’re struggling for inspiration, Boden’s outfit maker is fantastic; it’s like dressing your very own digital Barbie doll! 

I am going to be partnering with a great style consultant which I will be announcing here very soon. So she could come to your house and choose all of your outfits for you, and you could get a colour and style analysis at the same time! 

Here is just one photo from a family shoot I did last week in the daffodils at Bushy Park. This family is great example of what to wear! I’ll be sharing more photos from this lovely shoot in a few weeks. 


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