They grow so fast {family photography in Molesey}

When you have your own children, you don’t really notice them growing up as you see them every day. It’s only when you look back at photos and see how much they’ve grown, that you realise how quickly that time has gone. I love it when clients invite me back year after year to photograph their families, as I get to see how their children have grown. I love knowing that these children will have wonderful photos of their childhood to look back at when they are properly grown up! 

I first photographed this little lady back in 2009 when she was just a few days old, here she is back then. 

Then I did another session with the family when she was just turning one which you can see here

And now here she is, 18 months and full of energy and giggles. We had such a lovely time running through the daffodils near Hampton Court, early one sunny morning. I must have sung Baa Baa Black Sheep to her about 10 times in an attempt to keep her from running away; apologies to her mummy & daddy for having to listen to my terrible singing voice all morning! Amelia seemed to love it though and I got lots of claps, giggles and even shouts of ‘good girl’ from her! 

You may recognise this family from a recent post where I said they had co-ordinated their outfits beautifully. And she looks so cute in that little knitted dress. 

I hope you all have a lovely day for the Royal Wedding tomorrow, whether it’s your cup of tea or not. I didn’t think I’d be that into it but I must admit, I’m pretty excited about it now. I’m going to be watching it and waving my flags with my mum, sister and my boys back home, while Karl goes off and plays golf with my Dad! Have a great weekend everyone. 

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