Family holiday in Corfe Castle, Dorset

We had a lovely break last week in a gorgeous little place called Afflington Manor Cottage in Corfe Castle. When the weather is good (which it was most of the time!) then you really can’t beat a UK holiday with the kids. No airports, no long car journeys and lots of great things to see and do. The cottage was surrounded by beautiful gardens and they had chickens, sheep and even Alpacas, so Harrison was thoroughly amused! It was great watching the sun going down every evening over the fields and the flowers. Here are some of my pics from the week…

As with my recent bluebell trip family snaps, these are all taken with my ‘holiday kit’ which consists very simply of a Canon 400D and a Canon 50mm F1.8 lens; the kind of kit the parents who come to my photography workshops have. You’ll notice that I’ve appeared a couple of times here again….I’m getting much better at putting the camera is Karl’s hands and making him take some shots. I want my boys to know I was there when they look back at our holiday photos in years to come! 

With two kids, holidays aren’t really restful like they used to be, as any of you with children reading this will know. I remember when we used to holiday in exotic destinations and could lay in every day, have leisurely long lunches and do things like scuba diving whenever we wanted. Those days are long gone (I’m hoping to get them back in about 18 years!) but they’ve been replaced by great trips like this where we have a lovely time as a family. I hope you liked having a little nosy at our week away, I would love to know what you think!

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