Headshot session with Tracy Gray from Button & Bean

This headshot session was with the lovely Tracy from Button & Bean at the end of March. I met Tracy when she came to the business mums group I used to run in Surbiton (along with some of my other headshot clients including Paula Trovalusci, Jo Mir & Ashleigh Crabtree). 

Tracy had been hiding behind her logo on social networking sites and so I was delighted when she booked me for a headshot session so she could finally show off her lovely face! We had planned to do the shoot in Esher but the weather was miserable so we re-located to Tracy’s house instead. Here are the results….

So much better than hiding behind a logo don’t you think?! Don’t forget that people buy from people, and seeing these I would definitely want to buy from Tracy, wouldn’t you? It’s very considerate of her to have beautiful blue eyes that also match my logo! 

I also did some commercial work for Button & Bean at the beginning of the year for their beautiful jewellery which you can see on the homepage of their websiteI bought the fingerprint cufflinks for Karl last Father’s Day and it was the only present I’ve ever bought that actually brought a tear to his eye!

Tracy is coming to my Photography for Creative Business Owners workshop in September so she is able to take great photos of her jewellery when she doesn’t have a professional photographer to hand. If you want to come on the 2nd date on 30th September, book your space quickly as the £15 early bird discount runs out on 31st May and there are just 4 spaces left! 

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