A creative way to display your photos {Moo mini cards}

I just put together this frame from Moo to display my mini cards and I love it! I ordered it to display in MakeMe’s lovely studio at The Medicine Garden where I run my photography workshops

Once I’d put it together, I realised what a great way this would be to display your own family photos in your house. You can display lots of photos (16 in total) altogether in one frame and all for less than £30! 

Now it’s not quite as simple as sticking a print in a frame from Boots. But it is a a creative and unique way to display your photos, that will get lots of comments from your friends! Or make a fabulous present for someone. 

So if you take great photos of your family (and if you don’t then you should come on one of my workshops to learn how!) then all you need to do is this. Resize your images to the correct dimensions, order your mini cards from moo….you can order a different image on each of the 100 cards if you want to. Then the left over mini cards can be used as bookmarks, gift tags and lots of other things! Then just order the frame in black or white and put your chosen combination of photos in it….pretty straightforward and lots of fun if you like being creative!

Now before you ask, I’m not on commission from Moo! Most business owners I know use them for their business cards as they offer fantastic customer service, innovative products and great print quality . But you don’t have to own your own business to use them. The fact that you can have a different image on every card means that they are a great way to print your photos and use them in creative ways, plus have your details on the back to hand out to friends. 

Hope you’ve found this useful!

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