‘My Heart & Home’ commercial photo shoot at the Medicine Garden – Part 2

Here is the 2nd part of the commercial shoot I did for ‘My Heart and Home’. We wanted to ensure some of the images had a lovely summery feel and so we styled a tea party in the middle of the Medicine Garden in Cobham. We were very fortunate that it was a beautifully sunny afternoon, so hopefully you’ll agree these images are the epitome of summer!

I took these lavender photos below right end of the shoot and was really pushing my luck as the girls were getting tired. I’m so pleased I did as they are some of Janne’s favourite and she’s going to use one of them on the banner of her website.
I’m so excited to see how ‘My Heart and Home’ use these images on their website and marketing materials. Here is part of an email I got from the owner Janne after she had seen the gallery….
I have now gone through the gallery about 10 times each time seeing something new. The colours are just beautiful! You’ve captured the innocence of childhood perfectly and the images are truly aspirational. It has really focused my mind on the way forward for my product range. I’m truly inspired to get excited about what I am doing again and will be confident in shouting about my website from the roof tops. Thank you so much for working so hard on the project……you’ve come up with some amazing images.”
On Friday I’ll be posting the results of the mini sessions I did with each of these lovely girls in their own clothes, so make sure you come back and take a look!
And if you missed part 1 of this shoot, you can see it here
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