Preparing for my new workshops

In between shooting, editing and spending the summer with my boys, I’ve also been busy preparing for my new ‘photography for creative business owners’ workshops in September. I’ve been taking lots of photos to demonstrate some of the techniques, so I thought I’d share one ‘before and after’ with you. 

Many people think that if they buy a decent DSLR camera, they’ll automatically be able to take good photos. I hate to break the illusion but that’s definitely not the case! You have to know how to find good light and learn the essential elements that go into taking great photos. You also need to learn how to take your camera off auto; you simply won’t get the best results if you just point and shoot. You may as well have just bought a compact camera! 

Below are 2 shots of the same product. They are both taken with an entry-level DSLR (the Canon 400D) and an £80 lens (the Canon 50mm F1.8). They are both taken in the same room within minutes of each other, and with no extra equipment. 

The photo on the left was taken with the camera on the auto setting (so the awful direct flash popped up!) and the one on the right is taken using the settings and tips that I will be demonstrating in my workshop. Hopefully you can see the difference! The one on the left looks 2-dimensional, has washed out colours and looks pretty boring! Whereas the shot on the right has richer colours, is more 3-dimensional and looks more inviting! The product in the photos is a gorgeous linen lavender sachet I bought recently from What Katie did Next. 

I’ve got some fabulous business owners from around Surrey (and some from much further afield!) coming on the workshops and I’m really excited about showing them how to take great photos of their products. 

The first workshop on 16th September is fully booked, and I have just 2 places left on the workshop on Friday 30th September. The workshops are held at The Medicine Garden in Cobham. If you want to book, you can do so on MakeMe workshops website by clicking here

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