She’s a big sister now

This summer has seen me return to a lot of families I’ve photographed before which has been lovely. For this blog post I’ve decided to copy the title from my other recent post ‘He’s a big brother now’….I know, not very creative of me! 

You may recognise these lovely blue eyes from the baby gallery on my website

I took the photo above of Emily back in April 2009. And now here she is over 2 years later with her new little sister. 

We had a lovely morning strolling around Kew Gardens and the girls even had a little tea party in the grounds. I loved Emily when I met her as a baby as she was so friendly and cute, and she hasn’t changed one bit. Oh apart from the fact that now she doesn’t stop talking! She held my hand round walking round the gardens like I was her new best friend! She’s very cheeky too and when I dropped their products round to their house this week, Harrison and her were getting into mischief within minutes of meeting! 

And it’s lovely to see that her new little sister has also inherited her blue eyes and cheeky personality! 

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