Waiting for Nanny

You know those moments when you walk into a room and your child is doing something that just melts your heart? Well this was one of those moments. 

My Mum comes up to help look after the boys every Wednesday, so that I can have a shoot, do some work or just get some much needed jobs done round the house. H had woken up very excited this week about seeing Nanny and kept asking when she was coming. I was in the kitchen clearing up breakfast and realised that the boys had gone very quiet. I asked what they were doing and H shouted that they were waiting for Nanny. I walked into the playroom to take a look and this is what I saw….

I had to decide between running and taking my little boy off the chair in case he fell (he’s never stood on it before) or grabbing my camera. Thank goodness I decided on the latter otherwise I’d have missed this moment (and he didn’t fall off anyway!). Normally if I plan to photograph the boys I always have a bit of a tidy first, but this was very impromptu, so please excuse the mess. Hopefully you’ll agree the moment was more important than a tidy room! 

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