My parents Ruby wedding anniversary

Wow, my Mum & Dad have been married 40 years today! You may remember from our family holiday in Whitstable in August that I did a shoot with all of our family as a gift to them. They haven’t seen any of the photos until today as I’ve been very patiently waiting until today to show them! I’m so excited to give them their gorgeous album containing the best photos from the shoot, then I have a lovely slideshow for them to watch. 

We decided to do the shoot at Broome Park country house in Kent, as they’ve been going there every year for the past 25 years and we all have very fond memories of our breaks there when me and Rachel were growing up. You’ll notice that I even appear in a couple of these shots (thanks Karl!)

I’m so pleased with the shot in the middle of Mum & Dad with their 3 grandsons, it’s no mean feat trying to get a 1, 3 and 12 year old to smile naturally at the camera!

I also took a few shots of just them on the beach in Whitstable…

I truly hope that in 35 years time, me and Karl can be as happy and full of life as my parents are now. Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad! 

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  • Michelle Fox-Reynolds

    love the ones of them such a loving mum and dad you must be proud xxx

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