More than just words

I thought I would share with you the present I got for Karl for our 5th wedding anniversary. We always try and buy each other presents that are the traditional year gifts and 5 years is wood. Karl was very thoughtful as always and got me a pear tree, a lovely necklace with all of our names on and wrote me a poem (old romantic!). I thought if I get him yet another framed photo he wouldn’t be very impressed! So instead I bought him this gorgeous wood product from More than Words Art who I discovered through Twitter. 

I commissioned Lisa to make this unique piece…I found the 6 words for the piece whilst browsing Pinterest and I thought they would make a wonderful family philosophy. Things that I want me, Karl and the boys to ensure we do everyday; live, laugh, leap, love, learn & listen. If we can do most of these things everyday then we’re doing something right! 

I always prefer photos with people in them, so I had a bit of fun experimenting with the tripod trying to capture me in motion spinning Sammy round. I didn’t nail the motion blur completely but I had to put Sam down for his nap before getting on with some work! And by the way, if any of you are thinking I am some kind of domestic goddess with a really tidy house, don’t be fooled…I simply kicked the toys out of shot! 

Thank you to Lisa from More than Words Art for creating this piece for us….we absolutely love it. 

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