Ruby wedding anniversary photo shoot

I had a great time with this lovely big family last month. Jodie attended one of my ‘Photography for Parents’ workshops in Cobham in the summer and then afterwards booked a photo shoot as a surprise for her parents for their Ruby wedding anniversary. They were such a relaxed family and lots of fun to photograph (as you can probably tell from all of the smiles!) 

When future clients ask me how they should dress for big family shoots, I’m just going to send them this blog post! Their outfits look great together; co-ordinated without being too matchy (made up word I think!) The lovely anniversary couple have ordered a huge multi-aperture frame with 5 images from the shoot which is going to look stunning. 

I’ve done a number of big family shoots this year for 60th birthdays and Ruby wedding anniversaries….you can see the others here, here and of course my parents Ruby anniversary shoot!

I have one or two more shoots to share with you before Christmas, then I’m going to make myself have a little break from blogging over the Christmas break (and yes I do have to make myself as I’m weirdly addicted to it!) 

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