A family photo shoot in Richmond

Do you think that the winter is a bad time for a family photo shoot outdoors? Well hopefully this session will change your mind! I really like shooting in the winter, and you already know how much I love spring and autumn shoots. The summer is actually one of my least favourite times to shoot, which you may think sounds a bit strange (especially as I LOVE the summer generally!). The reason is that to get this lovely low light in the summer, you really need to have the shoot at around 7-8am or after 7pm…and having kids myself I know that those times aren’t exactly convenient! However, in the spring, autumn and winter, the sun is low in the sky for most of the day, so we can have the shoot during much more sociable hours! 

This shoot took place at about 10am one December morning.
What a gorgeous family they are! I delivered their order to them this week which included a stunning big canvas wrap of the black & white image on the top left. 

The lovely couple are getting married later this year, so we took the opportunity to get some engagement shots of them. 
I hope this shoot has demonstrated to you that it really is possible to get gorgeous images no matter what the season. I think I’m going to send future clients this link if they don’t think the winter is a good time for a family shoot outside! 
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