Headshot session with Rona Wheeldon from Flowerona

I am going to be sharing with you a number of headshot sessions over the next month. I took the decision in April last year only to do headshots in Jan & Feb when the weather isn’t as nice for outdoor family shoots. I found a wonderful location for the sessions which is around the lovely Harts Boat Yard Pub between Surbiton & Kingston; it’s nice and private with some great backgrounds and light. I had a great morning last Wednesday photographing some very interesting business people; it made a refreshing change from chasing toddlers round parks! 

My first session was with the lovely Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona. Rona is a very inspiring business lady; around a year ago she decided to follow her passion after many years in the corporate world. That passion being flowers. So she started a beautiful blog (designed by those clever guys at Flourish Studios) which has been incredibly successful, and she also now has a regular column in Wedding Flowers magazine. The headshot that she was using was about 4 years old so she thought it was about time to update it!

I am very envious of her glorious curls….makes my straight flat hair look very boring in comparison! Rona wanted the photos without a coat on as her brand is very summery and bright, and she was an absolute trooper doing the whole shoot with just a thin jumper on a cold January morning!

Rona has chosen her favourite images from our session and I can’t wait to see them on her blog! 

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