Three times the fun

I did this mini shoot with a very good friend of mine just before Christmas. Alison was in my NCT group when I had Harrison, and after having our boys we quickly bonded by talking about our little bundles of joy who just refused to sleep through the night! Alison then went on to have Archie and I had Sam 8 months later. And now she has just had her third gorgeous little boy! 

After a bit of a traumatic birth and a stressful time afterwards in hospital when Arlo developed an infection, he was finally home and I got to go round for a little cuddle. I wanted to capture Alison’s 3 boys together at this special time and here are the results. 

We quickly realised that trying to get a newborn, 2 year old and 3 year old to pose in the same photo was more of a challenge than we thought! But we did manage to get some lovely natural shots of the 2 older boys looking at their new baby brother. I’ve included one of the outtakes from the shoot at the bottom right, when Archie wasn’t that keen on having his photo taken! I never delete photos like this, as in years to come, they are the ones that you will look back at and laugh at (and of course pull out of the album when he has his first girlfriend round!)

Congratulations Alison & Ant….your boys are just lovely and you should be very proud. I can’t wait to see them all grow up!  

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