My big boy is 4 today

I can’t quite believe my big boy is 4 today…it seems just a few months ago that I was doing the ‘Harry and his Bucket full of dinosaurs’ shoot when he turned 3. I wish he would slow down growing up! 

When I tell people I have 2 boys, I often get a look that says ‘wow, you’ve got your hands full’ (I’m sure any other mums of boys reading this will know the look I mean!). But I always think to myself, you obviously haven’t met H. He is thoughtful, caring, kind and loves to please. I am aware that I’m talking as a completely biased mum though! Like every child, he obviously has his moments, but 99% of the time he really is an absolute pleasure to be around. 

When we went to a recent parents’ evening, the teacher told us that another child had gone up to them and said sadly that no-one wanted to play with them. Apparently H overheard this and immediately walked up to the child and said ‘hey, don’t be sad, I want to play with you’. That’s just the kind of lovely boy he is. He tells all of us how much he loves us all of the time and he tells me how pretty I look every day (normally only after I’ve put some make up though!) I know I’ve probably jinxed it now by writing all of this and in 2 years he’ll be a boisterous tearaway, but for now I’m just enjoying hanging out with my charming and confident little man. 

Happy 4th birthday to our little man, we love you more than you could ever know. 

PS. In case you’re wondering how I managed to get some recent photos of him on a beach when it’s been freezing here, these were taken last week when we were on holiday in Indonesia. 

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