The results of my spring mini sessions – part 1

The mini sessions went brilliantly last week. I was nervous about the weather as it had been cold and raining the weekend before, but I needn’t have worried as it was a lovely mild day. It was cloudy, but that just gave me a lovely diffused light to work with. I was also worried when I was scouting for a location the week before. I went to the spot I thought I was going to use but the daffodils weren’t yet in bloom…..agh, minor panic! So I was delighted when I found this secret daffodil wood. It was perfect for the mini sessions as not many people know about it, so it was really quiet. 

I photographed 4 lovely families during the morning, and with a family shoot the day before and the day after, you can imagine I have spent most of this week sat at my desk editing the photos! 

I really enjoyed the mini sessions. There is no doubt that they are more intense and definitely more challenging. During a full custom session, I have time to get to know the family and get the children to warm up. In a 25 minute session I have to try and get everyone on side straight away! But I love the challenge of them. I was exhausted at the end of the morning, but drove home with a big smile on my face knowing I had got some fab photos. 

So let me introduce you to the first family of the morning. Well, this family are definitely not strangers to me. You may remember from my autumn mini sessions in Esher woods that my friend, Claire, was assisting me for the morning (she took some great behind the scenes photos of me). Well she also assisted me for these mini sessions too, and I was delighted when she booked one of the slots for her own family! We did NCT antenatal classes with Claire & James when we had our first children, and have remained firm friends ever since. You may remember the photo shoot in the lavender fields that I did with Claire and her girls a couple of years ago. How their girls have grown! Here are the results of the mini session….

It’s a stunning spot isn’t it? And as luck would have it, some magical fairies had hidden some goody bags for the girls in the woods overnight, so we had lots of fun trying to find them… I’m so pleased that Claire and James love these photos as much as they do. It makes me appreciate what I do even more, when I am able to capture memories like this for some good friends. 

I have lots more lovely family images in the daffodils to share with you, so come back and take a look very soon! 

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