A family photo shoot in Esher woods

I’ve been really looking forward to sharing this session with you. I first met Amanda when I did her business headshots at the beginning of last year for her events management business. She also attended my photography workshop for creative business owners last year. 

So I was delighted when she also booked me to photograph her family. I met them on a weekend morning for their usual walk around Esher woods with their gorgeous Labradoodle dog, Oscar. Why on the majority of my shoots does it seem to be the girls who climb the trees instead of the boys?! 

It made a change for me to photograph children who actually do what I say, rather than me having to stand on one leg or sing nursery rhymes in an attempt to make them smile!

I was delighted when we came across these long reeds; they made a gorgeous backdrop for some portraits of the children. 

To me, this shoot epitomises what family lifestyle photography is all about. Photographing a family, enjoying each others’ company and doing what they do every weekend. The children can one day share the photos with their own children and show them where they used to go walking with their lovely dog, and how they used to pretend they were Harry Potter playing quidditch on a low branch.

The family ordered some stunning products, including 3 gallery canvas wraps of the photos below, which are now have pride of place on their living room wall. 

They also ordered a beautiful Folio album which I delivered to them last week. I also ordered a sample copy for myself, so I will share some photos of it here very soon. 

Thank you Amanda for choosing me to photograph your family, it was an absolute pleasure working with you all. 

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