A photo shoot with good friends

Ok, so I’m officially bored with this weather now….I’ve been staying optimistic but it feels like it’s rained solidly for months now and I’m wondering whether we will actually get a summer at all! Luckily though, most of my shoots over the past couple of months seem to have taken place in the rare moments where we actually have some sunshine, so I have to keep looking back over them to remind myself that we have had some dry weather! 

And if you’re thinking that the weekend just gone was a complete washout, then hopefully this shoot will show you that we did at least have a few hours of sun! This shoot was with some good friends of ours. They booked me to do a family shoot with them some months ago…it was meant to take place in the West Midlands where they live, but we were rained off on the weekend we planned to do it. So I was willing there to be at least one dry day this weekend when they came to stay with us. There was no way we could do the shoot on Saturday morning as planned as it rained non-stop, but we were so lucky on Sunday….from these photos you wouldn’t know that it had rained almost continuously for weeks on end!

My hubs Karl went to school with Struan and now they are godfathers to each others boys. And luckily me and his wife Sue get along famously so we always have a great time when we all get together. As you can see from the photos below, they are a gorgeous family…

I know I stopped doing sneak peeks for clients nearly 2 years ago, but they are eager to see the images from their session so I thought I would post a little preview for them. I have a lot of editing to get through at the moment so they will be waiting a few weeks to see their whole gallery. I know how impatient I get waiting for things, so I’m hoping this will ease the waiting for them slightly! Sue & Stru – I hope you love them! 

I have lots more lovely shoots to share with you very soon, just need to catch up on my editing and orders first! 

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