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I have been doing a bit of business soul-searching over the past few months. I don’t know if you can actually search a business’s soul, but that’s the best way of describing what I’ve been doing! I have been in business for 4 years now, and it’s very easy to just get stuck into what you’re doing and not make any changes, especially when business is going well. But I wanted to take a step back and evaluate everything. My business has changed and grown more than I could ever have hoped when I first started 4 years ago and I’m so grateful for everything that has happened. It’s taken tons of hard work and long hours, but I’m so pleased with where my business and photography is now and I still absolutely love what I do. The day I stop loving it and putting my all into my shoots, is the day I stop doing it! 

This business soul-searching started back in May when I went on the Jinky Art workshop. I got some really useful feedback about the style of my work from Barb Uil herself and the other talented photographers in the group. Most photographers I know find it really tough to explain exactly what their photographic style is as we just shoot what we love, so it doesn’t feel like a ‘style’ to us. Normally it’s only other people that can see the consistency of style through our photos. The way the other photographers explained my style was expressive, evocative, happy and beautiful and I’m delighted with all of those words! I think this image from a recent session pretty much sums that style up….

More from this lovely little lady’s session very soon. 

Then following that I did an online branding masterclass with Flourish. If you are a business owner and a bit stuck with your branding I would really recommend it. I don’t have time to attend many workshops, so I loved the fact that I could do it in my own time at home. It really got me thinking about my brand and my business. 

I have had the same branding since I started my business 4 years (with a slight logo tweak a couple of years ago) and I felt it was getting a little dated and also felt a little bit too elegant and romantic for me and my work. So my fantastic graphic designer friend (thanks again Pete!) has produced a lovely new logo for my business which definitely feels more ‘me’. 
My old logo is the one on the left and my new one is on the right. We’ve kept it very similar as I still love the turquoise colour and I know that people associate it with my brand. But I feel the new one is more modern, more fun and it definitely suits me more. 

My photography workshop logo has also been given a facelift to work with this new look. Take a look at it here on my workshop website

You will get more of a feel for my new brand when my new website/blog is ready in a few months, as that will show my new colours and fonts and will bring everything together nicely. But I wanted to show you the start of my exciting new look – I hope you like it!
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