A lovely family of six

June and July are proving to be pretty crazy for me, full of workshops, family shoots and my baby mini sessions tomorrow. But I’m determined not to get too behind on my blogging, otherwise I’ll spend the summer thinking about all of those lovely shoots I never shared with you!

This session had been booked since last year and took place in June. We were so lucky with the weather once again, as it had been raining most of the week but it was fine that morning if a little on the windy side! I love the look of a bit of wind in the hair though, nature’s very own wind machine!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little daunted by photographing this family of 6. I’ve photographed lots of families with 3 children before, but never one with 4. I’m not sure why….maybe parents are too busy once they’ve had their fourth child to organise having family photos taken! Anyway, I really needn’t have been concerned, this family were lovely and the kids were a joy to photograph. The boys were great fun and really made me giggle. And their baby sister was the happiest little thing ever. 

The little lady loved her moment in front of the camera too….she made us laugh when in the middle of a family shot, she just crawled right up to me and posed for the camera. It was like she was saying…forget my big brothers, this is all about me now!

I have lots more sessions to share with you so please check back soon. Plus there is lots more going on behind the scenes and I’ll be sharing my exciting new branding and website with you in the not too distant future! 

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