The results of my studio mini sessions in Wimbledon – part 3

This is completely un-related to this post, but how amazing has the Olympics been? I don’t normally watch much sport but I have been loving it. Saturday night TV doesn’t get much more dramatic than the athletics at the weekend, wasn’t it just fantastic? The only problem with it is that it’s making me cry about 5 times a day! It makes me feel incredibly proud to be British, I think the whole country will go into mourning when it’s over! 

Anyway, onto the real purpose for this blog post….here is part 3 of my studio mini sessions which took place at the beginning of July. Pilar booked this session after attending my Photography for Parents workshop. The family are moving to California in September (jealous!) so they wanted some lovely photos of them before they left to remember their time in the UK. They had a photo shoot with a well-known high street studio when they eldest was little, but were put off by the blaring music & bright flashes, and were looking for something more relaxed and informal (and with no hard sell!) So my mini sessions were perfect for them. 

I received this lovely email from Pilar after I had sent her their gallery. 

“I’m beaming as I write this – Joel and I just looked through the gallery of photos and we loved them!  What a joy to look at them, to see how you captured Agatha’s bright smile and Eloise’s toothy grin.  I am particularly fond of the series that you took of Eloise and me (you captured her essence beautifully), and the family shots close-up on the mattress which are of ‘us being us’ as a family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this lovely experience.”

It’s emails like this that make all of the late nights I spend editing feel totally worth it! Thank you to Pilar and your family for being so lovely to work with….I hope you make a wonderful life for yourselves in California. 

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