A Halloween adventure with my boys at Painshill Park, Cobham

Happy Halloween everyone! I’ve always loved the excitement of Halloween. When I was little it was never really a big thing, but I love the fact that the way they celebrate it in the US seems to be filtering over here. Karl had a day off on Monday and we decided to do something for Halloween, so we got the boys dressed up and did the Halloween adventure at Painshill Park in Cobham.

When I’m really busy with shoots and editing as I am at the moment, I have to really push myself to take the camera out and photograph my own family. But I know how important it is, and I’m so pleased my camera did join us on our day out so I can always remember it.

H wanted to be a vampire this year, I thought I’d take some photos of him before I painted his face in case I messed it up! I may be biased, but I think he makes a very handsome vampire, Robert Pattinson eat your heart out!

This was my first attempt at face painting, and although it’s no work of art, I don’t think I did badly! What we didn’t anticipate is the fact that S would be petrified of his big brother dressed as a vampire and wouldn’t go near him for about an hour!

We had a great time hearing spooky tales from Mr Bats, making tree skeletons and crowns – a lovely family day out. We went to see Father Christmas in the grotto at Painshill Park too last year and it was fantastic…the boys can’t wait to go again this year.

And then here is S at home with the pumpkins we carved yesterday…bless him all proud of the small one!

If you follow my Facebook business page, you would have seen a photo of my boys in the autumn leaves that I posted yesterday. I hadn’t planned to do a shoot with my boys yesterday, but I’m so pleased I took my camera out with me. The colour in Bushy Park was beautiful and the light was lovely too. My boys are at great ages to photograph at the moment, and are more than happy to mess about with each other for my camera. I hope this doesn’t change too quickly!

If you wish you could take great photos of your own children over the festive season, you should join me on my photography workshop for parents.

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  • Inga K

    Hi Vicki, I meant to post the first time I saw these but I was on my iPhone so didn’t get round to it. These photos are just gorgeous, your boys are too cute. I love the Vampire get up 🙂 and the pumpkin photos, but my favourite ones are of your boys in the leaves, I would have these printed all over my walls!!!! Isabella is still not walking (17 months!!) and I’m dying to get her out and about to take some outside photos but with the weather turning now and the leaves all soggy……boooo!!! Your images always inspire me xx

    • Vicki Knights

      Hi Inga, thanks so much for your lovely comment. I have already had the autumn ones printed and they are up around our kitchen! Harrison was 17 months when he started walking too! Don’t worry, by the time the gorgeous spring colour is out she’ll be walking confidently and you’ll be able to get lots of lovely photos of her in the daffodils! x

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