Headshot session with Lisa Cox at The Medicine Garden, Cobham

I still have quite a few headshot sessions from the beginning of this year that I never got a chance to share. I thought now was a great time to share them with you as I have just announced the dates for my headshot mornings in Cobham & Surbiton in Jan & Feb.

This session took place back in February when I did a morning of headshots at The Medicine Garden in Cobham. Lisa Cox runs a successful garden design business in Surrey and wanted some headshots that would match her brand and look great on her website and blog. Lisa is very approachable and friendly, so we wanted to ensure that came across in her headshots….and I certainly think it does, don’t you?
 I love the way Lisa co-ordinated her outfit with her brand colours. Take a look at how great her headshot looks on her blog.

If you would like to get some gorgeous new headshots for your business, or maybe just for you, here are the details of my headshot mornings in Surrey at the beginning of next year.

Have a great week everyone. I have an exciting and busy week ahead with one of my advanced Photography for Parents workshops on Wednesday and my autumn mini sessions on Saturday (please stay away rain!)

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