Larking around with my boy

Wow, the snow today is impressive! Both of my boys are in school/nursery this morning but I’m looking forward to picking them up and getting out with my camera. I do love the look of the snow, but I must admit I am a bit of a wimp in the cold! So we’ll probably end up back inside snuggled up with hot chocolate and a film after not too long.

I took the photos below earlier in the week when I was meant to be putting the washing away. But my 2 year old was in his normal cheeky mood so I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and taking some photos of him instead. Much more fun than laundry! For any photographers that are reading this, these are all taken with my new-ish 35mm lens. I haven’t used it on many shoots yet as it’s a bit different from my usual style, but it’s fast becoming my go-to lens when photographing my kids indoors. I love the fact you can get super close to them and when I’m just shooting for myself, I don’t care about the distortion!
He certainly does put a smile on my face, he’s a little nutter!

I don’t generally do family shoots outdoors in Jan and Feb, so it does mean that I have more time (and motivation!) to take photos of my own family which I’m really enjoying. I do have lots of workshops and headshot sessions over the next few weeks, I just hope the snow goes away by next week so it doesn’t disrupt anything! I did my first workshop of 2013 this week, you can see the photos from it on my workshop blog.

And just a quick update on my session availability for this year. The next weekend sessions I have available are in May, but I do have weekday availability from March onwards. I mentioned in a previous blog post that I was going to be running a morning of Spring mini sessions again, but they all booked up after I sent an email to past clients and workshop attendees. So I have decided to run some summer mini sessions for the first time this year. There are 3 sessions left and you can read all of the details here. Make sure you reserve your slot soon if you are interested as they do tend to book up quickly.

I hope you have a wonderful time in the snow this weekend, keep warm and safe everyone.

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  • Inga K

    Gorgeous and your room looks so tidy!!! I took some of Isabella the other day but forgot to declutter first aargh, mine certainly weren’t as successful as yours, she moves way too fast for me jumping up and down on the bed that I kept limb chopping her ;-0 I used my 35mm but I guess it’s not the same on a crop so needed to back up more, must try to remember that! x

    • Vicki Knights

      Hi Inga, sorry for the late reply, I missed your comment somehow! This is our spare room, hence why it looks tidy, our bedroom isn’t! Yes the 35mm on a crop sensor would be a bit closer but I love my 50mm inside too which is the same. I’m glad you like them! xx

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