My family in the snow

I hope you’ve been enjoying this snow this weekend and have had the chance to take lots of photos. It’s freezing out there, but snow sure does make everything look pretty!

I thought I would share some of my own family photos of us having fun in the snow these last few days. Since reading this article on Huffington Post about mums getting in front of the camera, I make an effort to hand the camera over to Karl no matter how I look, to ensure that I do feature in at least a few of our family photos! Before reading that article, vanity might have got the better of me when we were out in the snow. I probably would have decided not to have my photo taken wearing no make up and Karl’s hat! But now I have learnt to put vanity to one side, and remind myself that the boys will want to see photos of themselves with their mum when they’re all grown up.

So I posted this one of me with the boys on my Facebook business page and I got such lovely feedback from everyone. A great example that no-one else can see the faults that we see in ourself, they just see a mum having a great time with her children.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our snow pictures, and it’s inspired you to get out and take some of your own family today.

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  • Inga K

    Just love these photos and so glad you got in the frame too, it’s such a gorgeous shot of you and your boys 🙂 I have so few photos of myself and Isabella but I will definitely be aiming to be in them more!! So jealous of all your glorious snow though, we barely got any where we live although on the outskirts of Manchester there was quite a bit but we didn’t get to see it until it hard turned to ice!! Mind you wouldn’t have got many of the munchkin in the snow as she’s still not walking (19 months now!!), what is going on, it seems she prefers the one legged bum shuffle instead as it’s much faster for her to get around! Hopefully by Spring she’ll be running through fields of lavender and all sorts….lol!! I bet you’re running out of space to put all your lovely photos up! xx

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