Three lovely siblings

My boys are back to school & nursery for the first day today. I’ve loved spending lots of time with them over the holidays but it’s nice to finally have a morning to myself to start tackling my to-do list!

I really loved this shoot which took place in November. The majority of my sessions are with babies and children under 5, so when I do get to photograph older children I love it as it’s something a bit different for me (and I don’t have to use my terrible singing voice!) When children are over 5 and you tell them they are going to spend the morning having their photos taken, you normally get the same kind of reaction as you would if you said you were going to the supermarket! This is because often the only experience they have had of a professional photographer taking their photo, is at school where they have had to sit on a stool and smile. So I can’t blame them for not wanting to spend their Saturday morning doing that!

These children were no different, but once they realised that there was no sitting still or saying ‘cheese’ involved, they loved it! They just got to run around, laugh at my silly jokes and be themselves. That’s exactly what my photography is about, letting children be themselves and capturing their unique characters. All 3 of them totally charmed me, and I really enjoyed the hour or so I spent with them (and their lovely mum!)

And here are some individual portraits of each sibling, starting with big sister.

And here is one of my favourites from the shoot, makes me smile!

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