My big boy turns five

I can’t quite believe that my big boy is 5 today. Have a really been a mum for 5 years?! I’m in the midst of editing lots of images from some nursery photography I’ve been doing so I kept his birthday shoot very simple. A quick photo taken yesterday when he got back from school. Here is the face I could stare at for hours.
He always says he hates his brown eyes and wants blue eyes like his little brother (as that’s his favourite colour). I try to tell him that when he’s older the girls will love his brown eyes, but of course  that doesn’t sound too appealing to him right now! Anyway, I adore his big brown eyes (but I’m a biased mum of course!), they just make me melt.

Happy birthday to our gorgeous 5 year old, we love you more than you could ever know.

If you want to see the shoots from his other birthdays, here are the blog posts I wrote on his 3rd birthday and 4th birthday.

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