World Book Day

I’ve always seen lots of World Book Day photos posted by friends on Facebook over the years. With my eldest now in reception, this year was the first year that we could participate. I remember thinking when my boys were old enough I would be really creative and spend time putting together a homemade outfit. But you always think you’ll have more time when you’re not actually in that situation don’t you? Unfortunately as a mum (especially as a mum running your own business!) spare time isn’t normally in abundance! It’s like when you think before you have children that you’re going to be the perfect mum, baking and crafting with your children all day everyday, but in reality that doesn’t actually happen!

One of his favourite books is the Gruffalo’s Child so I didn’t attempt to make that outfit, instead it was a panic purchase off Amazon! I did see some fantastic homemade creations in his classroom though (maybe next year I’ll be more creative!)

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