A spring mini photo session….in the snow!

I have been running mini sessions for a couple of years now, and this spring was the first time I have had to reschedule them due to the weather. And not just once, but twice! On the second morning we had scheduled, I gave the families the option to continue or reschedule to another date in June. Most of the families rescheduled, but this lovely family decided to brave the snow and freezing temperatures. There were lots of daffodils out so we did get a spring feel into the photos despite the fact that it was actually snowing!

I got about 15 minutes of shooting time before the little ones were really feeling the cold, so then it was time to take their goody bags that the fairies and elves had hidden in the woods during the night (what are the chances!) and go home to warm up.

You wouldn’t know it was actually -3 degrees when this shoot took place would you?! After I had sent the family their gallery of images, I received this lovely email from them….

“Thank you so much for these beautiful photos – I have no doubt that you have been told this 1000 times, but we think you are incredibly talented, and we are so happy that you were able to take our family photos for us. We are very, very happy with the results (particularly as it was against all odds with the weather so cold… you would never know!!) We can’t wait to see the prints and get them onto our bedroom wall!! You are right – they are already making me smile every time I look at them. Thank you so much again.”

Emails like this really do make me so happy and makes me love what I do even more! Thank you Kendal!

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