A spring family photo shoot

What has happened to our weather! I’m currently sitting in my office with the heating on and a big cardigan on to keep me warm. It’s like January! I feel like I’ve been complaining about the weather for the past year now, but it really has been rubbish. I remember a few years ago I rarely had to reschedule shoots due to bad weather, I keep having to look back at old sessions to remind myself that it hasn’t always been this cold in the UK!

Anyway enough of my whinging about the weather (how terribly British of me!) As it’s so miserable today I thought I would share this spring session I did in April. We had rescheduled the shoot from March as it was about -2 degrees, and were very lucky to wake up to beautiful sunshine. It was still a little breezy but we weren’t complaining! Much better than freezing temperatures and sleet!

I had been chatting to the lovely mum on email for a while and was really looking forward to meeting her and her girls. We had a great time running round in the daffodils and here are some of the results from our morning together.

I love these images taken at the end of the session…lots of tourists gathered behind me to watch the girls and they seemed to really enjoy their moment in the spotlight!

The family have ordered a fine art album which is going to look stunning as well as some lovely frames to hang on their wall and lots of gift prints for friends and family. I can’t wait to deliver it all in a few weeks.

May has been so hectic for me, so I’m taking half-term off to spend with my boys which I am really excited about. I still have lots more lovely sessions to share with you so I’ll see you again in June…take care!

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