Moonwalking around London

Last week was so hectic with workshops, family shoots and lots of orders to process that I didn’t get a chance to update you on the Moonwalk I did a couple of weeks ago. Thank you so much to all of your for your support and sponsorship. I raised £500 and our little team of 4 raised £1800 for breast cancer charities which we’re really proud of.

The theme for the London Moonwalk this year was space, so we decided to go as space cowboys and called ourselves ‘The Moonies’ due to our rather attractive fake bottoms! Here we are just before the start. That’s me on the right just in case you didn’t recognise me from my behind!

The start was by Battersea Power Station this year, and there was such a great atmosphere, with 17,000 women (and a few men!) in their bras dancing to live music, eating pasta and chatting. I actually really enjoyed the walk as well. It was cold, but fortunately we avoided the horizontal rain that came down about an hour before the start. We started after 11pm and the 13.8 mile walk took us around Vauxhall, Chelsea & Kensington. It was really funny seeing all of these drunk people walking out of bars to be faced with thousands of women in their bras….we got quite a few high fives!

I managed to get a blister on the sole of my foot by mile 10 (I admit I didn’t do enough long walks in training!) so the last 4 miles were a bit painful. Also I had suffered a whiplash injury a couple of weeks earlier, so was suffering a bit with my back & neck. I was very grateful we were finishing just before 14 miles rather than doing the Full Moon which is 26 miles! We completed the walk at 3.15am in 4 hours 4 minutes.

I finally got to bed at 4.30am. Although I was exhausted,  it was so sweet to have Harrison running into our room as soon as he woke up saying ‘Mummy, was it fun? How did you do?’ (luckily Karl did then take him downstairs so I could have a lie in!)

I wanted to share this on my blog for any of you ladies who may have thought about doing it in the past but haven’t been brave enough. Do it! It’s great fun and a fantastic way to raise money for charity. Next time I do it I think I’m going to do the Full Moon. Walking 26.1 miles through the night will be a huge challenge but an amazing achievement at the same time. I think I’ll leave it a few years until I don’t have a toddler to look after though!

And to anyone who is reading this who did do the walk this year…. congratulations!


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