A family photo shoot in Richmond

Here is a shoot I did in May when all of the lovely spring colour was out, and everything was looking very green due to all of the rain we’d had. You may remember I shared a sneak preview of this shoot back in May.

And as a big ‘Brave’ fan, I was delighted the big sister brought her bow and arrow along to the shoot!

And I have lots of photos of recent products that I haven’t had a chance to share on here, so here are a few snaps I took of their products before they were sent to their new home. Here is a lovely storyboard frame and some gift prints. (In case you’re wondering why the frame is shiny…it still have the packaging on it, it’s a beautiful chocolate brown colour underneath!)

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  • Ben Langdon

    I love your work Vicki, stunning photographs and lovely presentation!

    • Vicki

      Thanks so much Ben, that’s very kind of you!

    • Vicki Knights

      Thanks very much Ben!

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