The beautiful lavender fields

I loved being back at the beautiful lavender fields photographing mini sessions with 4 lovely families yesterday. It was scorching hot so we all nearly melted but the results are definitely worth it!

I now have a lot of editing to get through, especially as I also had a lovely family session on Monday as well. But before I disappear into my editing cave I thought I would share this one shot with you from yesterday morning.

Whenever there is toddler in a session it always feels to the parents that the session hasn’t gone entirely to plan. Toddlers don’t really take direction so you literally have a second to get the shot before they run off exploring again…but that makes it even more satisfying when you do get a great shot of them! I wish I had a pound for every mum that has said to me at the end of a session ‘oh the kids were a nightmare weren’t they, did you get anything good?’

But then they see their gallery they realise that I’ve captured lots of gorgeous moments in between the moments when they are running away! Just like this one….

Thank you to my wonderful friend and assistant Alison who was a star in the 30 degree heat (and loved getting lots of cuddles with all of the little ones!

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