A family photo shoot at home in Surrey

I hope you’re all ok and if you’re in the UK that you haven’t been affected by the floods. Hasn’t it just been awful? I did read that we are meant to have the hottest summer on history, I think we deserve it after this shocking winter!

This shoot took place in December and it was so lovely to spend time with this family again. You may recognise them from a shoot I did in autumn 2012 which you can see here.

This little lady was an absolute joy to photograph. We had such fun chatting about her ‘baby’ and she was very concerned about a plaster I had on my arm from burning myself on a saucepan! I’ve included a LOT of photos in this post, but there were so many that I loved that I just couldn’t narrow it down. I think also it helps to show the difference between a custom session and a mini session, as this demonstrates just how many images you get from a custom session and how they really capture your child’s personality.

The family love baking together so I photographed them all baking some scones (which were delicious!) I really love these images of mum putting her hair up. We were saying when I dropped the products off that it would be amazing to get the same photos on her wedding day then put the 2 photos next to each other.

And then as it wasn’t raining (for once!) we were able to venture outside to the little park by their house to capture the last of the autumn leaves.

The family ordered another album to add to their collection as well as lots of lovely gift prints to update frames around their house. Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your family again, it really was a pleasure!

I hope all of you have a lovely half-term and that you stay warm and dry in this weather.

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