My new ‘Photography for Busy Parents’ website is live

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. Wasn’t it lovely? After the awful weather we’ve had at the start of the year, we all deserved a beautiful sunny weekend!

I have mentioned a few times in recent blog posts that I have been very busy behind the scenes working on a new website for my photography courses for parents. Well I am delighted to say it’s now live!

Please take a look at this blog post I wrote which gives you a tour around the website. I’m so happy with it, and now I have a lovely new online home I will definitely be posting more photography tips and inspiration on there.

One big thing I did which I have been nervous about for a long time, is that I had a video made of me introducing myself and what my courses are all about. I also made a video for my free video training, but for some reason that wasn’t quite as nerve-racking as people had to share their email address with me to access it. This was scary as I was just putting it out there for anyone to see! So it’s only fair that I share it with you lovely readers as well. So here it is….

I hope I haven’t put you all off me now!

Also all of my personal posts with photos of my boys will now be shared on my training blog rather than on here, but I will make sure I try and link to them from here whenever I can. Make sure you check out the blog post dedicated to my eldest in celebration of his 6th birthday. There are lots of photos of him from our trip to Miami and the Keys a few weeks ago.

A few people have asked with this new focus on my photography training for parents, and with me creating an online course, does this mean I will be doing less photo shoots each year. Well, the honest answer is yes. It just isn’t possible for me to carry on the amount of shoots I normally do and still have time to dedicate to this new project. However as you know, I absolutely adore my family shoots so I will still be doing a limited number every month, and will still be doing my mini sessions a few times every year. My mini sessions are currently all booked up and I can only take on 1 more custom family session before the summer holidays. So be quick if you would like a family shoot before the autumn!

I had a lovely shoot at the weekend and March is very busy with some lovely spring shoots. So I will be back very soon to share them with you. In the meantime, I’d love to know what you think of my new website!

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