My boys in the bluebell woods in Esher

It’s so tricky to plan shoots around the bluebells as they are only out for a few weeks and it’s so unpredictable. Last year they were really late as we had such a cold winter and this year they’ve caught us all out by surprise by being early!

We went on the search for the bluebells in Esher woods this weekend and I took my camera with me as I really wanted some lovely photos of my boys surrounded by my favourite wild flower. Here are just a few of the photos I took….

I have written a blog post on my training website with my 5 tips for photographing your children in spring flowers (where you can also see lots more photos from our trip.) Make sure you check out the tips and get a trip to a bluebell wood planned in the next week as they won’t be around for much longer!

I’m hoping next year I’ll have the space in my diary to run an impromptu mini session morning in the stunning bluebells. Make sure you are signed up to my VIP list below so you don’t miss out!

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