Seeing them grow up

I had my summer mini sessions on Saturday morning and we were SO lucky with the weather. It only showered lightly for about 2 minutes during the morning and then pretty much as soon as I stopped shooting it rained for the whole afternoon…I do love it when the weather works in my favour!

One of my favourite parts of doing this job is when families come back to me time and time again and I get to see their children grow up. One family I had photographed a few times before had a mini session with me on Saturday. I wanted to remind myself what the youngest girl looked like when I first photographed her as a baby, so I rummaged through some old hard drives and found these.

I love seeing how children’s faces change and develop as they grow…and what a sweetie she has grown into! The image on the right above is a sneak preview from my mini sessions… you can see Claremont Gardens was looking beautifully summery for the shoots.

I have lots more great sessions to share with you, just need to get on with all of this editing first! Enjoy the sunshine this week.

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